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Can you use a cherry picker on a slope?

Yes, there are cherry pickers you can use on slopes. The ones that are safe to use like this have a gradeability score. This tells you how steep a gradient, or slope, the machine can handle. The higher the score, the steeper the slope it is safe on.

The Skyjack 46AJ can handle slopes of 45% grade, which is very useful on a building site or when accessing power lines from sloped ground. Similarly, the JLG 120HX can cope with up to 40% grade.

If you have shallower slopes but very awkward areas to access, look at the Skyjack SJB TK46. As well as reaching up almost 16 metres, it can reach down 6 metres, meaning you can look under bridges or other hard to get to places, and also cope with grades up to 30%, it's a very versatile machine and can be found in the 'Self Propelled Booms' section of our hire fleet.

Need a scissor lift that can cope with slopes? Many of the Haulotte and Skyjack models can cope 40%, 45% and even 50% grades.

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